Macaroni and Cheez

It was one of those days where some good ol mac ‘n cheese was just the ticket. However, as you may recall, I don’t do well with lactose. So last August, when I started to figure this out, I began reading a few vegan blogs. Vegans know how to deal without dairy.

This is basically this recipe, but without the chipotle peppers. And I threw in a roasted kohlrabi because I didn’t have brussels. I added some tabasco at the end to pepp it up. It was much better than I had imagined, definitely a good alternative to cheese, but I think I still prefer Pesto. Still, good to have in the arsenal. Cashew cheese. Soak the cashews, blend up with some broth and nutritional yeast till smooth. (UB I know what you are thinking. It IS wierd). The blog is the post punk kitchen, and I even have Isa’s cookbook Veganomicon, which pretty much rules and I have been using it a lot lately.

Handmade gnocchi with steinpilze

Saturday was a rainy-gray day, not so great for a walk in the woods, but perfect for gnocchi making. I say that because although it isn’t too difficult, it is sort of time-intensive. First we boiled the potatoes.

We also re-hydrated a handful of steinpilze (could be porcini mushrooms?) to give the gnocchi some character.

Mash up the potatoes, an egg, some flour, mushrooms, salt and pepper.

Add to boiling water and cook until they pop up. Perfect mixed with lots of veggies and a sprinkle of parmesan along with the usual olive oil and sea salt.